Community Projects

The Pride of Scotts Community Organization is a very busy group, always on the lookout for things to benefit our community. Maintaining the Community Center is an ongoing responsibility. In addition there are a wide variety of projects handled by our members.

In July we sponsor a mile long parade in conjunction with the Old Tyme Power Festival at Scotts Mill Park. Community-wide garage sales, organized by our volunteers, are held the same weekend and usually involve around 50 separate sales. Flyers for the public are created listing all sales with a sample of merchandise offered at each, and a map of the area noting the location of each sale.

Flags decorate the main street of Scotts, rotated for the four seasons. Flower barrels placed throughout the village are planted in the spring and maintained throughout the growing seasons to bring a beautiful burst of color to the village. For the Christmas season our brightly lit musical Christmas trees and building decor provide a festive touch.

We are very proud of the new "Welcome" signs installed at the North and South entrances to the village.

Benefit dinners sponsored by the Pride of Scotts have been held at the center to help raise funds for the Climax-Scotts School Marquee Project, and for the Military Project. These dinners, including a Pork Chop dinner and a Rib dinner, were very well attended. The food was fantastic, prepared by a local catering business.

We have also been a proud sponsor of the local Cornstock musical event.