In October of 2007 the Pride of Scotts decided to do something to show support for our local military men & women wherever they are serving our country, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. A community organization was created to send boxes of needed and wanted items to military service persons from the area. We presently ship boxes to service persons from Scotts, Climax, Vicksburg, Galesburg and other areas. Members of the community have worked very hard to make this possible.

Participants in this community project have included, but are not limited to, the Pride of Scotts, Climax-Scotts elementary, middle and high school students and teachers, and the Climax American Legion. People from Climax, Scotts, Vicksburg, Galesburg, Kalamazoo and surrounding areas bake cookies, donate money, as well as giving considerable time and effort to demonstrate how much the community cares for and supports the fine men and women serving our country. In our May 2008 shipment we sent close to 3,ooo "home made cookies" all baked by people from our vast community.

Snacks are a vital part of what we send. Military persons in Iraq and Afghanistan are often out on patrol when the dining halls are open, and when they return there is no provision to feed them. This situation causes them to rely on their snacks such as beef jerky, tuna (Lunch as You Go), cookies, crackers, etc. Home baked cookies continue to be the Number One Favorite of our troops!

We have heard back from military persons how much they enjoy the packages they have received. And because they shared them with others in their units, the project has touched many more of our military persons that are far from home. Thank You Letters received from care package recipients leave no doubt that the project makes a positive impact.

To keep the project going we are asking for donations of needed items and funds to pack and ship boxes to each and every military service person we are able to locate from Climax, Scotts and surrounding areas.


Scotts Country Store ---- Pavilion Township Office
Climax Crescent Office

Scotts Elementary School

Your cash donations will be used to balance out the packages, and pay for shipping.

Checks may be made out to:
Pride of Scotts Service Person Fund
P.O. Box 159
Scotts, MI 49088

These young men and women did not declare this war but are doing the very best they can to represent our country in very bad situations, many times giving their legs, arms, eyesight, and lives doing the task we expect of them. The very least we can do is pull together and provide them with all the suport we can.