The year 2012 brought with it the 10th Anniversary of Jammin’ at the Scotts Community Center. If you are looking for a really good time you can’t beat it! Each Tuesday night from 5:30 to 9:00 pm you can find 25 to 40 musicians and over 100 people ready to dance the night away, or just sit and enjoy the music.

Musicians who regularly appear at the Jammin sessions are also regulars at other venues, like the Koffee Klutch in Galesburg, and the Dig-In Café in Augusta. Some of these entertainers are local, while others travel in from places as far as away as Grand Rapids and even Indiana. Want to play backup or have a turn at the mic? Come and join in!

For most numbers the floor is filled with dancers. Music brings dancing styles that include everything from the two-step to Texas swing, waltzes and even some line dances. Highlighting the middle of the evening are square dances, usually with four squares filling the floor.

Then there is the whistle dance. Couples dance until a whistle is blown, then break apart to travel in a circle around the dance floor with ladies going in one direction and the gentlemen going the other. When the whistle blows again the dancers pair up with the nearest partner and dance until they hear the whistle and break apart again.

Feeling lucky? Take a chance on the 50/50 drawing. For just $1.00 you can get three tickets. Half of the ticket sales is split into two pots with two winning tickets drawn.

Hungry? Get your supper at the concession stand. The standing menu includes hot dogs, chili dogs, sloppy joes, and quite often there is a special featured dish. We have hot coffee, cocoa, and a variety of cold beverages. For dessert have a slice of pie, some ice cream, or maybe a freshly baked cookie.

Come and join us on Tuesday. The door opens 5:00pm, and the music begins at 6:00. We greet you with a smile at the door, and a donation can is ready to accept your donation for admission. All proceeds from the door, concessions and 50/50 tickets go to maintain the community center and equipment.